Monday, October 3, 2011

ang panalong sabado ni unsubcultured

I wasn't supposed to watch game 2 of the UAAP finals live... BUT... my cousin's daughter couldn't make it... so the golden ticket was mine. The game was at 3pm but I was up at 8am. Couldn't sleep. My guts felt that I'd be smiling at the end of the day. You should always trust your guts.
At the entrance of the Araneta Center. Waiting for my cousin to bring me inside happyland.
It was raining outside. And it was raining confetti inside too. You know what that means!

It was a blowout.
ADMU wins its 4th straight crown.
Captain Kirk cuts the nets.
The lucky seat.
The golden ticket.
Poster made by some effin atenean politician.
More tradition. After the last game of  the season, the Blue Eagle sub cult goes to the Church of the Gesu to have a thanksgiving mass [aside from Christmas eve, it's the only time I hear mass during the year]. And as per tradition, win or lose, the graduating players make their goodbye speeches... followed by the coach's speech and MVPangilinan's speech. I've been doing this for several years already... yes even at the time we lost to UST in 06.

But for the past four years... it has all been sweet victories. And I want more.

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