Thursday, October 6, 2011

apple sub cult

I am really having an awesome time surfing the net, reading ebooks and browsing through magazine pdf files with my fingas on the IPAD touch screen.

I am really having a great time fidgeting with my very easy/fun to use MACBOOK PRO.

But the really priceless moments were the ones with the littlest Apple machine/gadget I own... the IPOD.

  • It's those times when I hear a great great song on the radio or through a friend's Facebook post, immediately search for it, and put it in your Ipod playlist....
  • It's those times when you're on a road trip and you believe in the saying "getting there is half the fun" all because of the music the Ipod can carry...
  • It's those times when you play the song and your friend tells you... "I love that song" or "That's beautiful... who sang that song?"
  • It's those times you have an impromptu party at a friend's crib and you have nothing else but beer, stories and Ipod music to make the time fly so fast.

Thank you for all that PARENG ISTIB JOBS! R.I.P in the Icloud. 

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