Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ultimate frisbee sub cult

Ultimate Glossary:


HUCK - when no one cuts clearly to get a pass, you have no choice but to throw the disc as far as you can

FORCE HOME - after playing 2 or 3 games, you're so tired, you can't do anything else but force yourself to haul your ass to the car and go home

FOUL - it's what a "pwned" player calls when someone has made an awesome "D" on him

CLOGGING - after finishing all your games... you try to put everything in your mouth --- yosi, beer, water, softdrinks, food, etc

AIR BOUNCE - what happens to beer bellies when the legs they are attached to run like wild on the field

STACK - a merry mix up of 6 wannabe athletes who don't know what do and run in 6 different directions

HAMMER - when you drink too much, you will be the past tense of this

someone who thinks he knows what he's doing

LAYOUT - means relaxing on the sidelines with a beer while watching other teams kill themselves

PICK - the act of choosing who to defend... ex. un-athletic men usually choose the least athletic opponent... while a DOM will pick the hottest chick on the team

CUT - it's what you get when you fall to the ground a lot

DEEP - [1] an emo player... one who takes the game too seriously [2] a word that describes the shit you're in... ex: when you're down 10-0 with 2 minutes to go

MID - short for midlife crisis... these players are too old to play, but still think they can run with the young guns

BACKHAND - what you see when someone flashes you a dirty finger

STALL COUNT - the magic trick of trying to count to ten in 5 seconds

STRIP [added by sandy] - what sweaty male players do after a game that you wish the women also did