Friday, July 29, 2011

pinoy futbol sub cult

Even if we lost, we Pinoys still had our moment. Til the next World Cup Qualifier... there is no way but up.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

indie films + pinoy rock sub cult

Saw this on a blog I'm following [or stalking]

"Isipin mo isang araw nasa cubicle ka, sumasagot ng phone, nale-late sa pagpasok, gigising sa umaga, at late ka uuwi, para saan? para sa bagay na di mo naman gusto. Kaunti lang sa’tin ang nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na gawin ang gusto natin."

- Ely Buendia [I think from the movie Rakenrol]



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

digital harinezumi sub cult

My favorite Bohol scenes from my "mini" jap cam...



Took this while drunk on my 5th or 6th bottle of beer

Pampostcard pre


Golden sunrise

Resting boats

nat geo + the asian food channel sub cult

This was the day I wished I had WASABI with me...

Day 3. Bohol.
After dolphin-chasing, and snorkeling in Balicasag [I didn't join my group mates because I just wanted to chill], we hopped to another island called Virgin Island. In this place, we had what my friends call "the Nat Geo" moment as we watched a woman prepare UNI from a sea urchin for us.

Touchdown. Nice island.

The bad and the good. It can hurt you... but it's also [insert not tunay na lalaki word here] delish.

According to the vendor, uni from sea urchins found deeper in the ocean are much more edible than those found in shallow water.

She gathers the urchins inside the pail and puts them inside a mesh/net bag.

She takes out the pointed part of the urchin's skin by shaking the net.

The finished "product." 3 for 50 bucks. SARAP!

Tangena sayang walang WASABI at kikkoman.

So did my stomach survive the blow? TMI.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

unsubcultured question about the "27 club..."

Jimi Hendrix... Janis Joplin... Jim Morrison... Kurt Cobain... Amy Winehouse and more. Kumbaga sa basketball, parang dream team na yan, all dead at 27?

It doesn't sound like coincidence anymore. Could this be the work of a magical/mystical/heavenly/otherworldly serial killer?

pinoy rock sub cult

I am subcultured enough to know this... another person gone too soon...
RIP Manny Amador, 49 years old, member of rock band, THE BREED.


[Was he picked up by a "black mercedez benz" on the way to the great sub cult in the sky?]


in the cities in the highways
in the highrise or in the backrooms
in the hotels in your motels
do you know what's goin' on

in the mornin or in the evenin'
when the sun shines or when the sun sets
when the clock ticks or when the clock stops
when time just runs out on you

people fightin' and people cryin'
people tryin to get their hands on you
people dyin' of starvation
what are you gonna do?

while you're riding in a black mereedes benz
riding high in a black mercedes benz
you can't help go on in a black mercedes benz
inside a black mercedes benz

crooked rich man when you see a poor man
do the tears roll or do your eyes close
do the breaks lock or do you run him down
in your higher

be a big shot and let the shortstop
get to the top anyway you can
exploitaion no condemnation
in a nation justice you can buy

make a big deal and make some money
run down anyone who gets in the way
make your heart cold and make the cash flow
it's gonna make your day

don't you know we want some black mercedes benz
wants to buy himself a black mercedes benz
he's gonna die in a black mercedes benz
inside a black mercedes benz

death rides in a black mercedes
inside a black mercedes benz


90s. I was entering Araneta Coliseum to watch a concert. I heard people [tambays] shouting "THE BREED, THE BREED..." I looked around and saw no one from the band in the general vicinity. And then I realized... haha... they were probably referring to me. They thought I was Manny Amador so they shouted his band's name.

Monday, July 25, 2011

politics sub cult

dapat isama ni P-noy sa kanyang SONA: "sa aking administrasyon lang dumating si Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, etc para sa dalawang matinding exhibition game..."

bitter[sweet] saturday...

The bad...
  • My friend, who died of a heart attack, got cremated
  • 90+ people die in Norway because of another lunatic white man who is also [i fear these term like the way i fear al qaeda and jemaah islamiyah... ] RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST
  • Amy Winehouse, found dead
  • [and on a lesser note] AZKALS lose 3-0 to Kuwait
The good...
  • Ateneo defeats UE
  • That NBA vs PBA thing was sick-cessful

gone too soon and headed to the ultimate rehab called the afterlife sub cult...

Hope she doesn't come back as my daughter or son [if ever I have one].

Friday, July 22, 2011

unsubcultured's [& friends] foray into the bohol dolphin sub cult

So we all woke up before the Bohol sunrise to catch Dolphins hanging around in the open sea. We trained our eyes to be keen at Dolphin spotting, Sol and Plini perfected the art of Dolphin calling and Stephan was armed with a DSLR to catch the Dolphins doing their thing.

And suddenly from out of the blue [pun intended]... they appeared...

What a great show! Waking up at 5am was damn worth it!

reggae + ska sub cult

Whenever a reggae/ska band plays here in this country, they usually play this song...

"SANTERIA" by the band Sublime

I don't practice Santeria
I ain't got no crystal ball
Well I had a million dollars but I
I'd spend it all...

When this gets sung, the place gets noisier and the crowd lets loose a bit more. It might as well be the utimate reggae/ska anthem in this country.

But do these raggaska worshippers really know what SANTERIA means?

According to Wikipedia:

is a syncretic religion of West African and Caribbean origin, also known as Regla de Ocha, La Regla Lucumi, or Lukumi.[1][2] Its liturgical language, a dialect of Yoruba, is also known as Lucumi.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

the unsubcultured guide to seeing Bohol's tourist spots, amazing race style, from 9am to 6pm...

Wake up early. Eat all the hotdogs and drink all the bland coffee you can because it will be a long day. Ride the van at 9am. Make sure the driver is also a good guide, a historian... and makes remarks that are politically outta this world like calling dark people NIGGERS.


STOP #1 = The Chocolate Hills
Going to Bohol and not doing this is like visiting China and not walking the Great Wall... or flying to Boracay and not seeing D' Mall D' Boracay.

STOP #2 = The Butta Fly Pharm
Highlights [1] Awesome home-made ice cream. Can kick Selecta ass... [2] You get to learn about butterflies, which is good because we all know about the birds and the bees... [3] You get to meet probably the best, funniest guide in Bohol... si Marlon. A sample Marlonism [taken word for word from Loopy's blog]:

Marlon: Hindi nakakabulag ang butterfly ma'm. Alam niyo ho kung anong nakakabukag?"
Pliny: "Ano?"
Marlon the Guide: "Pag-ibig."

Hands down the best tourist spot of the day [and we almost skipped this spot]!!!

STOP #3 = The Man Made Forest
Why is it man-made? Because in the 50s, then President Carlos P. Garcia ordered a thousand or more trees planted in that place [I was listening to the guide, I pass the quiz]. The result, a forest so thick you sort of wait in anticipation for Big Foot/Sasquatch to come out. I was disappointed not to see a poster about the great poem which begins with the famous line "I think I shall never see... a poem as lovely as a tree..."

Another tourist attraction is a wall with eloquent graffiti.

STOP #4 = The Heng Bridge
Nothing great. You just walk a rickety bridge aping Indy Jones, hope that something tragic doesn't happen, get to the other side to buy touristy stuff and go back using the other bridge while still hoping that a perfectly good day will not turn bad.

STOP #5 = The Loboc River Cruise
The good: BUFFET! Food was actually good. The bad: I was disappointed at the fact that there were no "barrio lasses in white kamison" washing clothes along the banks of the river.

you will see lots of old churches along the way but no one will care so you're left with the option of shooting it while your van passes by.

STOP #6 = The Tarsier Crib

These animals are nocturnal creatures so you actually catch them asleep. I wonder if they take valiums. And what do they do at night when all the tourists are asleep? Do they party? Watch DVDs of Game of Thrones? Or maybe they just secretly go to tourists' resort rooms and spy on them as a way of revenge.

In this place, there are other creatures to look at too...

STOP #7 = The "real" Blood Compact site

A bit of history here... let's see if I got it right... There was another site believed to be the site of the "Blood Compact" between friendly ancient Pinoys and white boys with ulterior motives of domination. Let's call them SPANIARDS. Anyway, in a gesture of friendship, the Pinoys and the Spanish peeps drank each other's blood from a cup mixed with Pinoy wine. It was vampiric, but it was tradition.

In actuality, the Pinoys gave their blood only to be eventually be enslaved 300 years of the white man. And what do we get in return? Siesta, the manana habit, and lots of tisoys and tisays.

Why is this the "real" site? According to Tatskie, our tour guide, they discovered a docu that described in detail where the site was... somewhere between two rivers, etc [I suddenly don't remember]. Upon verification, it turned out to be real and the National Historical Institute validated it. Only because of politics, the mayor did not support it.

STOP #8 = Who's the real star - Prony the Snake or Marimar the gay impersonator slash snake caretaker?


This is what you do with snake skin when snakes shed! Victoria's secret can kiss this ass.

This is Marimar. He's [un]fluent in many languages, including German. He/she can speak it, and according to my German friend, he sort of understood what Marimar said. Anyway, doesn't he look like Michael V in drag?

Marimar put on a show for us. As in she danced and did a drag impersonator show. My friend enjoyed it so much, he almost ordered beer.

STOP #9 = Baclayon Church
  • By some sort of miracle, we all finally agreed to at least stop by one church. What the hell [pardon my unholy pun] right... I mean we already did all the stops in the Bohol bucket list.
  • According to our guide, this is the second oldest church in the country.

Unsubcultured has seen the light!

I am now Bohol cultured [just slightly]

STOP #10 = The Hinagdanan Cave
It's wet, dark and full of tourists. So what? You can scratch this off if you want to.

[At this point I was fantasizing about the Jack Daniels Ther and Niki brought along for the trip]

STOP #11 = The Bee Farm
...without Bees. It was just a place designed to make your wallet a bit thinner. I succumbed to the tourist trap pressure by buying more ice cream.

STOP #12

[T.Y. Loopy and DJ]