Friday, August 26, 2011

ultimate frisbee + drugs + dirty south sub cult...

Breaking news of the day... Alabang Boys Acquitted! I know one of them because he plays Ultimate too. Congrats. You're lucky the dumb cops failed to do some procedural shit.‘alabang-boys’-of-drug-raps

unsubcultured college hoops opinion...

If the DLSU Green Archers and the CSB Blazers play a game of basketball, I think the Blazers will win... by 20 POINTS!

history sub cult

What's happening to the History Channel?
All they show are pawn stars and dangerous roads.
Whatever happened to romans,
ancient tribes
and all those interesting/extinct dead people?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

looks kewl, sounds kewl...

can't believe these guys are coming to manila!

But as usual, I have no one to watch it with. That's because I'm probably one of a handful of forty plus plus year olds who like and know this band.

what could probably the next unsubcultured mobile...

Where are you going to take me?

radio sub cult...

Ganda ng bagong programming ng 105.9!

Best way to describe their music is "steady sounds na pang damatands."

If you want a break from talkative without making sense DJs and loud pop music, try this!

t@ngena tama na nga trabaho, blag nalang ulet potek!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

manila nightlife sub cult

MY FACEBOOK POST LAST SATURDAY: Huwag pumunta sa KEG bar sa fort strip. they pad your bill. we drank 7 sanmiglights and they are charging us for 16. can you effin believe that sh.....

folding bike + toy camera sub cult

Sunday ride around Makati. Parked at the Ayala Triangle then biked. Then had overhyped Bonchon chicken at the Ayala Triangle for dinner.

I think this bar along Nicanor Garcia St. is for oldfarts like me...

Bar Girl Shopping Mall at Burgos St.

Nice old school church...

Ugly cute / cute ugly dawg...

Church in b/w...

Red light district for white boys who have very very very poor taste in women...

Another dawg. Why is it that maids do the walking and not the owners? What's the point of having a dawg if you don't do stuff together?

folding bike + toy camera sub cult

Aug 19, Fly Day. It was Quezon City's foundation day so we had a day off from work [long weekend, in other words]... so I took advantage by riding around UP, Ateneo and Balara. Beats staying at home and couch potato-ing.

Didn't expect to get lomo-like awesome shots from an Android app called Vignette, but hey, it worked perfectly.

Like our national bayani, Jose Rizal words are so effin totoo!

Took these in Ateneo while stuck in a bus stop due to rain.

First time to hit Balara. Like I said, you see awesome things when you don't go to malls.

Ingenious benches...

Folded and ready to be packed inside the trunk.