Friday, December 31, 2010

The last post of 2010...

is about NOTHING.

zombie sub cult

Can't wait for my first big tv event of 2011...

Nat Geo presents "The Truth Behind Zombies"

Jan 7, Friday at 11pm.

I am not going out to drink on that night [well maybe after hehe]

slices of life @ the elyu sub cult

This shit is what I live for

Jet stream orange

This is Abe, surfing instructor fueled by red horse

Some surfer wannabe / beach bum

Setting sun

MMA action

What's for rent?

A dog that found freedom on the beach has been recaptured

Sky high delight

Sky high delight 2

Our usual place, but not this time

Web or channel surfing?

The view from Aling Norma's store

Surfer hangout

San Fernando, La Union at night

Hot pot city i have 12 followers...

That's a lot less than el shaddai's, but a lot more than i have expected when i started this shit a few months ago.

unsubcultured would like to thank his 2010 "sponsors"

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

one more post before leaving for the elyu sub cult

I think I'm obsessed with this creatures haha. Found out they aren't Penguins but dolphins.

On my way to Mercury to buy drugs for my mom.

Surprise! Couldn't help it. Bought it, took it home. Save the seas. Whatever.

pinoy rivalries sub cult

There is abs-cbn vs gma, globe vs smart, ateneo vs la salle, crispa vs toyota, nora vs vilma, jawo vs el presidente and this...

cosmo & fhm sub cult

FHM & Cosmo Philippines both have "Ladies Confessions" on their magazines. I am not a Cosmo reader but whenever I get to read one, I notice that the confessions on Cosmo or hotter than the ones in FHM.

around the neighborhood: early morning version

I wonder how strong their doobie is

One of two junk shops on my street. I guess we have lots of junk in the hood

No i don't dare let em cut my hair

Another delivery from the happy truck

Another junk shop. Stupid cam didn't get the word junk

Long-ass jeepney

Some people will get pissed off if you do your thing here

Another epic fail shot: street kids finally have a bed to sleep on on top of the mmda walk

My view at mcdo

Two capitalists at war

The Penguins of the North Pole are now on my hood, damn

Monday, December 27, 2010

pinoy hiphop/rap sub cult

Hung out with my nephews during Christmas eve. Young guys introduced me to a sub cult I never knew about... well because I'm old and unsubcultured and they are simply young . They showed me videos on youtube called Fliptop - a rap battle league.

So it happens in bars around the metro and two guys square off dissing each other by rap and rhyme. After a few rounds, people judge who the winner is. It's sort of a cooler debate. And since we're doing this in Manila, which is bilingual, rappers fight in tagalog and "trying hard to be nigga" english.

Totally made my Christmas eve... saw lots of talent out there... specially the guys who rapped in tagalog like Loonie. One more interesting fact - Fliptop battles on youtube have more hits than its foreign counterparts like Hawaii's angry locals and USA's Grindtime.

Here are two examples: one in tagalog and one in "trying hard to be nigga" english.

more "when on vacation, don't think, just shoot pics"

At the gas station [featuring my slightly bigger than a matchbox cam] did i run someone over?
Naaah, just having my car fixed

Waiting is a bitch so I go trigger happy

Self portrait

old skool cartoons sub cult

One of the cartoons I "followed" when I was a kid. Before The Simpsons, The Family Guy, etc, there was this...