Monday, October 17, 2011

lucky effin bastard

In this country [da Phils], you can get away with drinking and driving. Get away from the law I mean. But not from the hospital or worse the grim reaper. 

Saturday early morning. Going home from my friend Terence's birthday celebration. I was drunk. I drove home. Routine. Just like any other drinking night. You see I usually drink in Makati but live a good 20kms or more away. In Tandang Sora, QC to be exact. I've usually survived this. Joked about it the next day. Calling it my "auto-pilot" mode. My friends have always been concerned about this. When we drink, they always want me to sleep over or don't bother me when I doze off while drinking. 

Anyway, back to my story. I was driving home drunk. Routine right? But this time, I fell asleep "momentarily." When I woke up a few seconds after, I saw a parked truck in front of me. I was LUCKY enough to wake up, swerve to the left, and avoid it. Good thing no one hit me when I swerved.

LUCKY [pardon my french but I need this for emphasis...]FUCKING BASTARD.

If you're religious you'd say I was saved by my guardian angel.

Whatever. Lesson learned. I'm too old for this shit. My body is saying so even if my mind isn't.

I will never ever slosh myself to death [pun intended] ever again.


  1. Buti na lang you came off it OK!

  2. Grabe, Gabby! Ingat. Pag may party dito sa house, sleep over ka na.