Wednesday, February 1, 2012

folding bike sub cult

Message I read from one of the leaders of TIKLOP SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES [or TSP] on its Facebook page...

Breaking News: It is now official: MRT3 (EDSA Line) now allows folding bikes on the trains. According to our contact there, the latest Office Order handed down includes folding bikes as allowed luggage as long as it has a wheel diameter of 20 inches or less. No other parameters have been mentioned and we may have to help them form more solid guidelines. In the meantime, we can test the system as the station managers by now have received this memo. Please be courteous and considerate to other MRT riding citizens. Make sure your bike is clean, and if possible ride/ disembark at stations that cause minimal inconvenience to others. Thanks for your patience and for sharing the vision, this is great news for all of us :)

What does this mean to me, an unsubcultured folding bike rider/owner? Nothing, for now. Because I still use my car to go around and just keep my folding bike in the trunk/boot for leisure rides and as a means of exercise. 

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