Monday, February 20, 2012

i was a bangkok virgin until last week...

I went to Bangkok for these reasons:
  • To get out of Manila
  • To waste money [haha]
  • To watch a disc tournament I really didn't care about
  • To eat
  • To shop for shoes and maybe shirts
  • To ride a different train
  • To see temples
  • To be an honest-to-goodness tourist
  • To see new malls
  • To smell different stuff
  • To drink
  • To hang out with friends 
And I was able to do all that, and then some... 
[some pics from my iphone]

So physically, Bangkok looked like Manila's twin brotha from another Mutha. But that was the only similarity.

Day 1: Templed out, food court food tripping, hawker street dinner with our half-half friend patenporn, final gimmick of the day--- sumalimpusa sa bangkok hat reg party

Day 2: shopping, food court food tripping, sumalimpusa sa Bangkok Hat party

Day 3: shopping, food court food tripping, watched the Bangkok Hat finals drunk, dinner with Plini, Gogo and Bangkokers Patenporn, James Huk Wei, Thess Huk Wei, Oliver Co, crashed out early due to drunkenness, shopping fatigue and food coma

Day 4: more shopping, more food court food tripping, cabbages and condoms dinner with Bangkokers

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  1. Boo you missed Sol's hen night! But damn was Bangkok tiring - I wish I had a few more days there!