Wednesday, March 14, 2012

food blogging sub cult


A month after visiting Bangkok for the first time, I was still craving for Thai food. Driving home last Sunday, I saw this restaurant along Tomas Morato. Authentic, huh. Sige nga. Prices were reasonable. 

SERVICE AND FOOD SUCKED like an industrial strength vacuum cleaner. Waiters were nowhere to be seen. And the food took so long it was probably faster to fly to Bangkok and eat there.

What's worse, owner and manager weren't around to witness the chaos. In fact, a waitress from the next door resto came in to help too.

Now about the food. Yucky. I ordered [1] Papaya salad. Nowhere near Bangkok mall food court standards. And there was some sourness to it. I also ordered [2] the chicken satay. Bland. Paper tastes better. And the peanut sauce... what peanut sauce. It was vinegar with a few bits of peanuts thrown in WTF was that? The last order [3], chicken curry, never came. I had to cancel it because the chicken was still hours away from being massacred in the poultry.

So there. Bitin dinner. Had to go to Mcdo for a second dinner.

[Oh fucking no, have I turned into a food blogger? Naaaahhhh...]

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