Friday, March 9, 2012


  • PHP 370,000 [of course neg, kahit papaano tatawad pa din naman kayo eh]
  • 68,000 ++ kms
  • Casa maintained
  • Silver

  • Never used for fornication, front seat and back
  • Never decorated with stupid, furry, stuffed animals
  • Never decorated with uncool stickers like that yellow ribbon sticker
  • Never used in robbery [not even cradle robbing]
  • No one has ever died here [except probably some flies]
  • Never used to run down a person [but it may have crossed my mind]
  • Used as a "hotbox" so the good vibes will still linger
  • Never used to pick up Quezon Avenue chicks
  • Its music player never played Kpop, Lady Gaga songs or any other inane pop songs
  • Never used to hang out in gas station convenient stores
  • Never equipped with big ugly spoilers, wheels and any other cheesy car accessory
  • Was never involved in the stupid sport called drag racing 
  • BEST OF ALL... Goes on AUTOPILOT mode whenever the driver goes home drunk

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