Wednesday, April 4, 2012

catholicism sub cult

What is the "PABASA?"

There are lots of rituals during Holy Week or Lent or Semana Santa. Some [IMHO] stupid people have themselves whipped and then nailed to the cross exactly like JC did 2012 years ago... some visit 7 churches... some just say the rosary... some go to retreats... some join or watch processions... while the rest of the world treats it like spring break and gets wasted on alcohol on a nightly basis. 

This is my Mother's side clan/family's Lenten ritual - the Pabasa. It happens every Wednesday of Lent in the family compound in Malabon. What is it? Basically this - a group of people read and chant the passion, death and resurrection of JC for the entire day. And who does the reading and the chanting? Not my relatives. Some people just go to the place on a yearly basis.

See that big ass altar with the big ass saints? They have been with the family for a long time. And based on hearsay, some of those statues move or do minor miracles. But that's just faith speaking. As for me, I just look forward to the lunchtime fare of kare kare, adobo, fried hito and kilawin. So it's like family Christmas reunion food. 

I recorded one minute of the Pabasa right here. Check it out...

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