Friday, April 13, 2012

folding bike + catholicism sub cult

The Holy Week break. I wisely stayed in Manila to chill, ride my bike, do movie marathons and fix/clean/rearrange my shitty room. 

Wednesday, I forced my outtashape body to play ultimate after two years of not playing and I suffered for it.

But I guess I loved inflicting pain on myself because the next day, Thursday, I rode my folding bike to Bisita Iglesia or 7 churches. 

I haven't spent Holy Week in Manila for ages so these are what I found out... 

[1] It was traffic hell around the churches so good thing I was on a bike [besides I wouldn't even do Bisita Iglesia on a car, I did this on a bike for the experience]. 

[2]There was a "fiesta" athmosphere around the churches as vendors sold their shit to hungry and thirsty Pinoy Roman Catholics [yup, Catholicism is alive and well in the 'Pines].

It was my first time to join a group and boy I found it hard to keep up. I usually rode at my own pace but in a group, I was pressured to ride as they do. I hate red traffic lights when driving. But in biking, specially in my condition, STOPLIGHTS ARE YOUR FRIEND!

Long story short, I huffed and puffed but survived the ride from MOA to Quiapo, passing old school Manila churches. They were also kind enough to wait for me. Yes, there is a God.

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