Monday, June 4, 2012

No, this is not a shameless plug for the bestest resort in Baler [IMHO], Aliya Surf Camp [roy did not pay me to do this, in fact, i paid to stay here and take pics haha]...

I've never set foot on Baler for 2-3 years. So when I see Facebook pics of my friends chilling in Aliya Surf Camp, I drool. 

Finally got the chance last weekend. It was my friend Leah's birthday weekend. Here are some photos of my crib in the Sabang hood. 

Yan! Yan ang view. Napayosi ako ulit, kahit hindi pa umiinom putek...

My cold, cold room

This is where I watched Kevin Durant kill the Spurs with big 4th q shots

See that wooden bench... I never got to chill there. But my wet boardshorts, rashguard and towel did

There was even an imaginary band who played the song "Call Me"

Ganda ng sand castle na ito ah

Trying to be artsy but all I got was fartsy

Watch your step... or the KOI will eat you

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