Monday, December 5, 2011

arrreneow + fr o.b. + apo hs + parokya ni edgar + tulong dunong sub cult

When I was in my senior year in high school, we were "required" to teach public school kids in Marikina. So once a week my crazy classmates would ride the blue bus, sing songs that would ridicule our fellow classmates and head on to Barangka Elementary school just below Ateneo. 

Joe, my partner, and I had 4 kids to tutor. I sure hope they learned form us because I didn't know what I was doing back then. You and your partner were also required to take the kids on a field trip [by the looks of it, it was the ONLY thing the kids looked forward to]. 

We were also required to do a home visit --- as in visit everyone of your student's cribs and meet up with their parents. I remember one mom I visited. She was a bus conductress. She talked to me while laying down. I realized her job was so tiring that she needed an entire Sunday to rest. Damn.

The kids called us "KUYA" or if you're a foreigner reading this... "BIG BROTHA." And in this video a band composed of alumni from my school [Parokya ni Edgar] covers, and changes the words of an older singing group also from my school [APO Hiking Society]. It's to raise awareness and funds for one of Ateneo's oldest help the needy programs called TULONG DUNONG.

Check this out...

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