Friday, December 30, 2011

baguio + session road + palengke sub cult

Whenever I'm in Baguio [which is getting rare lately], I make it a point to walk from the top of Session Road all the way to the market. That's my Baguio experience --- more than John Hay, PMA, Wright Park, Ukay-ukay or those art museums. Walking down that path, IMHO is the only way for me to feel the vibe of the city.

Getting ready for another day at the office

My homey greets me in front of one of his mountain city cribs

The walk trip is "in Session" [pun intended]

Time to go shopping in this street boutique

Baguio trying hard to be like Manila, traffic wise

The hottest Baguio hotspot... the market

Flowers give this vendor buying powers
Signs, signs, everywhere signs, fucking up the scenery, breaking my mind
If I was on LSD, Baguio would probably look like this
Boat shoes in the mountains?
This is Baguio's lokal brew

It didn't use to be this way... but that was a looooong time ago

This sums up my Saturday morning walk...

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