Friday, December 30, 2011

biznez + entrepreneur sub cult

I was in Baguio for one night to pick up my mom. Just to make the trip worthwhile, I walked around Burnham Park to take a few pics.  

That's when I came across this creative, unique business. A man was selling different kinds of insta-coffee in his moving cart. I've seen of stuff being sold on streets but this I haven't seen yet. 

So I got my cam and snapped away. He was good natured enough to pose to, after he had sold some coffee to a few customers. I also got coffee from him and started a conversation. 

His name is Carlito and his business name is HOT KOFI. Yep, he plans to have brewed coffee soon. 

He originally was from Laguna but came to Baguio years ago to work in Hyatt. So I asked him what he was doing the day of the great earthquake. Luckily, it was his day off. 

He married a Baguio native and even after the Earthquake, made Baguio his home. He even knows my brother and his friend. 

I'm glad I made that solo trip to Baguio to pick up my mom. It's chance encounters like this, no matter how "insignificant," that makes life golden.

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