Monday, December 27, 2010

pinoy hiphop/rap sub cult

Hung out with my nephews during Christmas eve. Young guys introduced me to a sub cult I never knew about... well because I'm old and unsubcultured and they are simply young . They showed me videos on youtube called Fliptop - a rap battle league.

So it happens in bars around the metro and two guys square off dissing each other by rap and rhyme. After a few rounds, people judge who the winner is. It's sort of a cooler debate. And since we're doing this in Manila, which is bilingual, rappers fight in tagalog and "trying hard to be nigga" english.

Totally made my Christmas eve... saw lots of talent out there... specially the guys who rapped in tagalog like Loonie. One more interesting fact - Fliptop battles on youtube have more hits than its foreign counterparts like Hawaii's angry locals and USA's Grindtime.

Here are two examples: one in tagalog and one in "trying hard to be nigga" english.

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