Thursday, December 9, 2010

pinoy futbol sub cult

While watching the games of the World Cup a few months back, I made a secret wish. I hoped that someday in my lifetime, I will be in a bar with my friends watching the Philippine football team competing for the World Cup.

Well, last night I got the next best thing... I watched the Philippine football team, aka the Azkals battle Myanmar and I was in a bar with my friends. Finally.

There was only one problem... the score was NIL-NIL.

Apparently, the Burmese were lucky. They had 3 extra teammates named Left Goal Post, Right Goal Post and Crossbar. DAMMIT!

  • Ronnie Nathanielz called the game and he was awesomely funny
  • The Burmese looked more Pinoy than the Pinoy team composed mostly of half-Euros and half-Pinoys

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