Thursday, November 10, 2011

pinoy samba sub cult

I've been geeking out lately. Which meant last night was the first time I drank alcohol on a weekday in a very long time. I had to. It was a special occasion. It was my friend Eileen's band 10th Anniversary. Their name: Guarana.. and they've been dishing out the sound of Brasil ever since I was 34 years old. So here a few pics from the event at Skarlet Jazz Kitchen. It's owned by Myra Ruaro or more popularly known as Skarlet, ex/former lead singer of Put3ska and the Brownbeat All Stars [I'm subcultured too, ya know]. 

Even if the place was in QC and my place was around 15-20 minutes away, I still had a tough time going home. It's hard to be driving drunk.

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