Monday, November 14, 2011

the unsubcultured guide to some famous touristy landmarks in Manila...

This is Malate Church. Surrounding this place of worship is a humongous cavalcade of bars and restaurants, which is kind of more interesting. After church, it's easy to sin.

This is our national hero, Jose Rizal. If he lived in this era, he'd probably scored with a lot of women, study at "The Arrreneow," still get pissed at the government, rebel, write subversive books and die young.
This is San Agustin church. A lot of crazy people get married here. My brother got married here. I remember his reception because all his friends were in varying degrees of stoned-ness.

This shot was taken at Fort Santiago. I have nothing else to say about this except that I think this place has way more character than Fort Bonifacio.
This is the Manila Cathedral. This gothic looking place, I think is the headquarters of a feared cult of men known as  anti-rh bill advocates.
This is Manila's most famous timepiece... subject of many a postcard Pinays send to their white boy penpals.

This is inside the walls of Intramuros. The cannon is aimed at golfers who suck playing golf at the golf course.
Somtimes I wish all buildings in Makati would look like this. 

I sure hope the powers that be don't ruin these ruins!

Finally, last and least, my favorite landmark. Inside intramuros, a stones throw away from the San Agustin Church is an empty lot filled with graffiti. I see skateboarders do their thing here every time I pass by. 

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