Tuesday, November 29, 2011

things you probably don't know about me...

  • I hate drinking on Mondays. 
  • I can drink on Sundays but only before 12 midnight.
  • I can't buy stuff when shopping with friends. I only get to buy things when I'm alone.
  • I've accidentally run over two dogs at different times [once around the mid 90s, once in 2005]. Coincidentally, I was "in a relationship" at those times and lost my partners soon after.
  • I only come to work early because of parking.
  • When watching porn, I only watch the requisite girl to girl scene. I forward the male-female scenes.
  • I don't like seeing/being with my officemates on weekends and holidays. You see them 5 times a week, why hang with them when you're on vacation, right?
  • I'm a mallrat. And at the mall I always love going to shoe/sneaker stores and the pc and tech section.
  • I find african-american women pretty.
  • I can eat siomai everyday.
  • I don't like reggae.
  • I google my crushes.
  • I don't like unhappy endings... and I hate it when the central character dies.
  • If I get a chance to own a pet, I'd get a Basset Hound.

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