Monday, November 28, 2011

ultimate frisbee sub cult

The Manila Spirits ultimate [frisbee] tournament. It happens once a year in November. It's when club teams from all over Asia [maybe even the world] come over to compete and party in one weekend of mayhem. I've participated lots of times before. But I've long since retired from the game. But that doesn't mean I can't party right... specially now that the party's host is Nightshift. 

You see this at the entrance of the bar
The Sprockets came in as a baseball team... and they all used the uniform of one guy named Silvestre

This group came in as characters from the movie musical Grease

Hells yeah!
Others came as cheerleaders and basketball team
Band music provided by Sidhi


Scenes from the party
The party jeep of Angela's Orphans - the team from Cambodia
Next day awarding ceremonies

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