Friday, January 27, 2012

am i getting old... or am i just acting my age... or what?

Last weekend, my friends and I went to La Union. My male friend is my age, 44 years old. While my female friend is in her 30s. They're the type of people who go drinking EVERY NIGHT in Manila, getting drunk and stoned to the max 'til waaaay past midnight.

I, on the other hand, only drink on weekends. On weeknights, I prefer geeking out in my room. That said, we were our usual selves Saturday afternoon to evening in La Union. We were drinking beer, then rum. And occasionally, my friends would slip out and smoke pot. I didn't join them because when I get high on weed, I fall into a "pothole" and turn in to a wallflower.

Soon it was time for bed, for me at least. I was tired. I wanted my precious rest. I WAS ON VACATION TOO, YA KNOW. But my "party monster" friends just wouldn't stop. They drank, smoked weed, smoked cigs inside the room. Hello second hand smoke. They were so noisy, they even drunk called other friends.

I was the happiest person alive when they decided to trip some more and leave the resort. They returned a few hours later and thankfully, did not bother me anymore. I guess party monsters get tired too. The next day, I checked my car for damages. God thing there was none. I later learned that they went to the casino, had dinner in Jollibee, tripped at the town church and at some Chinese temple. Hey, pay for gas at least. I already paid for gas from Manila to LU and vice versa.

They apologized for being "rowdy" the night before and acted like they didn't remember what they were doing. Dudes, I'd understand your behavior if you were like 18-25 years old. But at 44 and 32 years of age? C'mon.


  1. Hahaha, Niki told me about this post. Finally got to read it. Awww, hope you don't mind me being a party animal in Bangkok! I'm a weekend drink warrior too!

  2. Ahahahahahaha... I guess you now you know who the makulit ones are.