Monday, January 9, 2012

pinoy gangsters + pinoy movies = trash sub cult

My Facebook status message after seeing a Pinoy gangsta biopic... "Dapat ang title ng sine ni Jeorge Estregan jr ay Asiong Aksaya ng oras. Gangsta movies --- it's more fun in the phils" 

I was actually curious to see this flick. I saw the trailer. Plus there was controversy involving the director's cut. Plus the lead star was yapping and yapping about how he should have been the best actor in the MMFF.

So I watched it. And found out the hard, 180 buck way that it was just a "stylized" typical Pinoy action movie. All they did was dress up the characters in fancy clothes and made it black and white. That's all? Plus it tried so hard to be a John Woo and Coppola film. 

So there goes around two hours of my existence. Mercilessly gunned down by a bad movie. 


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