Wednesday, January 4, 2012

highlands phototripping

Stayed overnight in my rich friend's "trying-hard-to-look-like-a-Ralph-Lauren-Polo-Country-magazine-ad" log cabin. 

Drinking time, my friends

We're so old, only the horse was rocking

It was a night of reminiscing, kuwentong mababaw, usapang malalim, and cheese

My view when I woke up

This wooden horse's BIG ASS BUTT greets you the moment you enter the house from the veranda

Medyo over ata itong lampshade na kabayo

Tried to bike but it wasn't effin allowed in this hood

Geesh, I love this iphone camera app

Waiting for the birds and the bees

The "Polo" house living room

Zero visi-B-li-T on the way back to Manila

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