Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hollywood sub cult

Some actors who are stuck in typecast hell...


  • Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg are so good in playing the geeky-but-cool- boy-next-door character but they need to grow up somehow.
  • Incidentally, they could play geeky-boy-next-door brothers too.

  • Has always played the tough woman role in a lot of movies.
  • I'd like to see her in some sort of a rom com where she does not kick ass.

  • After playing those tough ugly motherfucker roles, Machete made him a tough, ugly lead star for once.
  • I'd like to see him play an ACCOUNTANT who lives in a suburban home, with wholesome kids, a wife a van and a station wagon.

  • Has been seen doing that fat-weirdo-funnyman routine in three movies already - The Hangover, Due Date and It's Kind Of A Funny Story
  • So WHO is funnier... Zach or his beard?


  1. Well Eisenberg is typecast for his looks and age and because of his lack of clout to choose different scripts, he'll eventually get a beard and get meatier roles because he actually has talent if The Social Network is not an indication enough. Michael Cera, who is a true one-dimensional "actor," is the one I can't see growing as an actor unless he suddenly finds inspiration and passion for acting besides making money.

    Michelle Rodriguez, sort of an inferior version of Hilary Swank. I mean if Swank can win two Oscars for looking husky, why can't she? Well simply because she doesn't have a quarter of her talent.

    Funny you mention Zachy who also reminds me of Danny McBride.

    Typecasting is a bad thing for good actors because it's very frustrating to play the same characters and being unable to stretch their creative horizons. But, and let me give you a big BUT, doesn't mean you are any less talented.

    Peter Lorre, a very good actor way ahead of his time (watch M and Mad Love) was a foreign actor who got his big break with M and when he came to Hollywood, the executives just don't know what to do with him and he keeps getting cast as the creepy foreigner until he faded away as a character actor. But even in his small parts, he shone and performed it beyond the best the limited role could offer.

    I would also like to add Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Michael Shannon, Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Woody Allen, Christopher Walken and John Wayne are all good actors horribly typecast. In other words, Hollywood is full of typecasting.

  2. Awesome comment. Very subcultured.