Friday, May 25, 2012

a few terms i've learned while lurking in the folding bike sub cult facebook pages....

This means that you have special approval from the wife to join a ride. There are rides at last whole day, halfday, and even the entire weekend. So if you're a family guy, it's important to have your VISA approved first or else experience the wrath of a housewife scorned.

I'm single so the only VISA I have to seek approval from is my body who always says no because most rides start early in the morning and nooooo waaaaay I'm doing that. In a world of hardcore people, I shall remain unsubcultured.

This means you bike all the way from your place to your destination. This is because some riders opt to go...

Going bi modal means you get to your destination using two vehicles, your bike and a bus or the train or your car.

I think I shall never be a "padyak all the way" kind of guy because I'm scared of the freaks in my hood.

When you catch this virus, you better have lots of moolah. Because you will never be satisfied with your stock bike. You will upgrade and upgrade spare parts and accessories until hell freezes over. 


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