Friday, May 11, 2012

marvel + avengers + hollywood sub cult

Finally... the UNSUBCULTURED AVENGERS movie review!

The hype was all over in social media and word of mouth. This movie was [supposedly] awesome. My geeky officemates were even quoting lines from the film.

So finally, last night, foregoing biking around UP, I gave myself the chance to watch it. 3d pa!

So I bravely entered Trinoma Cinema, with drink and junkfood in tow [a movie is not a movie without junkfood]. 

After finishing of my munchies, I started to slouch/get comfy a bit more.

And this... my friends is how to waste your hard earned 300 hundred bucks.

Because I drifted to doze-land. I hope I didn't snore. 

All I remember is waking up, catching a scene and then dozing off again.

Finally, I really woke up during the battle scene. But by then, I was in the half awake, wtf is happening stage. 

That's how to enjoy a movie, unsubcultured style.

I'm waiting for the Avengers on HBO. 


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