Wednesday, May 16, 2012

social climbers sub cult

This is a PHP14,900-something bottle of wine. So what's up with it? Find out below...

I 've stopped drinking on weekdays. Except that I have this birthday rule. If a friend is celebrating a birthday on a weekday, I have to go.

I found myself in second rate/di masyadong sikat celeb heaven at Beso, Boni High Street. On our table was GL, a radio DJ who is currently the "friend" of the President. In the next table --- Michelle Madrigal and Maxene Magalona. On another table --- Dra Vicky Belo, her daughter and Delamar.  

My first impression of GL... she seems to be so into her "celeb" thing.

And now to the bottle. GL ordered it. Drank maybe 2-3 glasses. Then split. Later we find out the wine cost PHP14,900-something.
Hu-wow... hu-wild. Of course my friend was buying last night and he's rich too and he can afford that kind of shit but that's not the point.

The point is... I've been friends with my rich friend longer. We go way back since first year HS in the early 80s. BUT I WOULDN'T ORDER A PHP14,900-something BOTTLE OF WINE. 

I maybe missing something here. Maybe GL is used to that kind of life. Maybe that kind of shit between my friend and GL has happened before and GL was merely S.O.P-ing it. 

But still, something ain't right. Shyeah, even my friend was kind of stunned last night when he saw the bill.

So that's my little story... sort of my left foot on the door of a not so sikat's celeb's world. 

I'm taking my foot off that door ASAP. 

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