Wednesday, May 30, 2012

nba basketball sub cult

Let me start by saying that I AM NOT A FAN OF THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS. 

You see, I am one of those people who believe in the MISCONCEPTION that they play boring basketball. Well, they don't. BUT, after game 1... after Coach Greg Popovich's famous quote... and I think this will be the quote of the year in the NBA..  I now have new found respect for the team. I AM STILL NOT A FAN. But I wouldn't mind if they win another NBA ring... specially if they play against those arrogant babies, the Miami Heat. 

Here's the famous quote...

“Good passes. Shoot with confidence. Give me some nasty.”

 Which has spawned a rallying cry and a T-shirt... 


Like it or not, that line made the perceived-as-boring Spurs COOL.  


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