Monday, May 14, 2012

unsubcultured solo trip to taal, batangas part 3 - side trip to Lemery


After biking around Taal town, I decided to go further down. Asked around where the nearest beach was. After all, it's summer and except for staring at Manila Bay, I never really have been to the beach yet. So friends, here is my piece of paradise for the summer... SOME %@^#&#(%( BEACH SOMEWHERE IN LEMERY. It ain't Boracay... it ain't even Matabungkay, but I'll take it.

The entrance to paradise. Looking great?
May bike parking pa!

Strike a pose!
O, this is the life ha... drunken life-stylin!

My peeps!

D' original life savers!

Requisite town basketball league

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