Friday, May 11, 2012

the unsubcultured mobiles through the years...

1980s-mid 90s. TOYOTA COROLLA DX. I had one like the car above. Got it as a hand me down from my brother during the last few weeks after graduating from college. Had one of my most embarassing moments in it. Driving around school, I saw my "crush" and waved at her. I lost control and my car went over the sidewalk. Blecch. Also had a number of minor accidents in it. It was sort of "my practice car." Oh, its name is JAKE. Because at that time uso ang mga conyo names and Jake was a conyo name.
Mid 90s-2007. Daewoo Racer ETI. I had one like the car above.  Her name is AJ because at the time I got her, I had a big crush on actress Anjanette "AJ" Abayari who is now probably leading a quiet life back in the States. This was my make out car, my gimmick car, the car who also gave me the most headaches in terms of mechanical trouble. It has been involved in a lot of accidents too and sometimes I think I'm lucky to be alive. Just recently sold it for 20k hahahaha.

2007-2012. Honda City IDSI 1.3 Automatic. Christened Apples because one day, my friends and I were drinking and they saw two Apple stickers on its windshield. This car was a reward for all the work stress and a minor promotion I had at work. Needless to say, work got more stressful when I got the car. But finally, I had a reliable car which never broke down and which took me and my friends to numerous roadtrips. And did I mention that great feature --- when driver is drunk, it goes on autopilot.
Present. Honda City. Like all the other cars, this serves as my external cabinet. It's more than two months old but I've been to Pampanga, Calatagan and Taal with it. I love it but it still has to develop a "personality" like his predecessors.

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