Monday, May 7, 2012

kilusang mayo uno + alternative + indie music sub cult

On labor day, unsubcultured old me tried to infiltrate the music loving hipster looking Noypi crowd by going to the first Manila Music Festival. It's organized by the same people who did Malasimbo so it must be cool. 

As I said, I tried. So I parked my car at SM MOA and biked to the venue. Found out that tickets cost 2k. Forget it. Besides, I had a good view, as seen from the pics below. And my watch-the-concert buds? The security guards! Kooldibadibs? 

Anyway, I just wanted to check out a Fil-am girl who sounds like Erykah Badu perform. Her name's June Marieezy and I caught a bit of her steadyness. Then after two songs, I got bored and biked around some more.

Cut to the day after. Told my friend that I watched the event from the outside. She told me she had tickets to give. Ahahaha,
but you see, it was labor day. And I had to watch the concert like a laborer, outside looking in.  

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  1. Sayang talaga! And we had tons of 10% off gift vouchers from aloha boardsports! Next time - there will be naman for sure :)