Monday, May 14, 2012

unsubcultured solo trip to taal, batangas part 1

May 6, Sunday. Did not drink Saturday night [if I went out drinking on a Sat night, my halfday was done] so I woke up early Sunday. I was bored as hell. So on a whim... on impulse... I googled Taal, Batangas. Heard the town was old school. 

After breakfast at Kenny Rogers and watching that awesome OKC-Dallas game, I split town. Alone. There is no other way. 

Besides, if I don't do this, I may never see Taal, Bats in this lifetime. And I really wanted to bring my folding bike to a different place other than UP and the Manila Bay area.

Anyway, here goes my solo trip...

Brumekfast muna sa Kenny sa QC ave.
Some castle I saw along the way. I bet the owner is filthy rich.

No other word to describe this but BADUY.

The Taal town church. Of course, I didn't get the name. How unsubcultured of me.

So this is where they keep the peace doves.

No, I did not have a religious epiphany...

Just some old stuff


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  1. Ito ang aking bayang sinilangan :)

    may blog din po ako patungkol sa taal :